5 Tips to Save Money on Clothing

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5 tips to save money on clothing

Shopping for clothes can often turn out to be a troublesome experience. In addition to having to try out a bunch of different stuff when shopping, you often fall in love with a particular item and end up with your pockets turned inside out. To help, we’ve come up with this clothes shopping guide in order to tackle the problem and make sure that your pockets remain turned the right side in after a tiresome day of clothes browsing. We hope that you’ll find it both useful and interesting.

1. Save money by opting for quality

It is true that quality clothing is always going to end up less complimentary to your pocket. However, if you have a unique style, chances are that you’ll be wearing your quality items for years on end. If you go with cheaper, lower quality clothing, you’re actually risking spending more money over the long term. Instead, think about finding quality, durable items that will last the distance. You’ll certainly think it worthwhile after a couple of years.

2. Hunt for discount clothes

Shopping for clothes can be a pricey experience. A clever way to tackle this issue would be to go on discount hunting runs instead of shopping sprees. With a bit of practice, and if you set your mind to it, you can tune your mind into looking for discount items. Try this and you’ll find yourself spotting a ton of cool items selling for half the price or even less. Also, rather than religiously following the latest short-term trends, opt instead for something less expensive which really suits you and which you can keep wearing. You can sometimes find these quality items sold at mind-bogglingly low prices.

3. Buy cheap clothes out of season

Although this can be categorized under the ‘discount’ label, buying out of season is a certain way to know that you’re going to pay compliments to your wallet. Rather than buying that delicious but expensive coat in wintertime, wait until summer and bag it for half the price in the sale. You might see a few astonished faces at your retailers, asking them for a winter coat while everyone’s wearing shorts and T-shirts outside but come the next winter you can be wrapped up warm far less expensively.save money buying clothes

4. Go for cheap bespoke shirts

Shirts make every suit come together and help men look absolutely stunning, but, only if they fit and there are no loose ends anywhere. Avoid buying premade shirts online, even though these are usually more than cheap – they can often be the right size but for the wrong build. As a result, you’ll never wear them and your money will be wasted. Instead, find suitable and cheap online tailor made shirts which will be just right for you. Choose the exact size you need and give accurate measurements to have a fashionable shirt delivered to your doorstep in no time, for prices so low, it will make you feel proud of yourself for quite a while.

5. Make clothes last by washing less often

Yes, we all like the smell of freshly-washed clothes, however, regardless of the quality, washing does cause wear-and-tear on pieces of clothing. This is why it is we advise against washing clothes every other day – instead of wearing your favorite shirt for five consecutive days, keep it for appropriate occasions. In this way, you are making sure that you won’t have to wash it too frequently and, thus, it will last a whole lot longer.


This clothes shopping guide isn’t something revolutionary and innovative – it is a list of reasonable things that you can come up on your own. By following these tips you should be able to continue buying good quality clothing but save yourself money in the long run.


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