How to Attract Potential Writing Jobs Online

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Online writing jobs

Due to the sudden losses of the print media, many writers go online for jobs. It’s where they seek to find a career, along with thousands more who can write as well as them. Though there are more jobs for writers available on the internet, it doesn’t mean that the competition isn’t any steeper. If so, it may even pose a greater challenge to aspirants.

There are many freelance writing jobs a writer can get online. Just signing up on freelance sites such as Odesk can give them a lot of opportunities. However, ghost writing isn’t the only writing job they can score online. In fact, writers can boost their online reputation and let the writing jobs approach them. It’s a lot easier said than done, but it’s definitely worth it.

Build an online writing portfolio

Gather all your best works and put them in one website easily viewable by anyone. The portfolio serves as a writer’s resume. A high-quality portfolio speaks more volumes than diplomas or the number of writing workshops attended. To build a strong body of work means to show the world your strengths and capabilities as a writer. Being published can be a good thing since it can beef up your credibility. It gives your work more leverage if you’ve been published by credible agencies and publications.

What’s good about creating a portfolio is how your works can be visible to anyone. Potential publishers can simply come across it, and if they like your work, maybe they’ll give you a shot. Providing a link to your portfolio in all your social media accounts widens your reach.

Maintain a quality blog

It’s easy to create a blog. Platforms such as WordPress and Blogger have made blogging easy for any technology-handicapped newbie to start. With just a few clicks, they can have a blog up and running in no time. But to create a quality blog and gain readership will require some efforts on the writer’s part. Some bloggers think sharing the things they see online is enough to create good posts. However, being a good writer is often part of the blog’s success.

Maintain a blog that will showcase your strengths as a writer. Come up with thoughtful posts and update regularly. Gaining regular readers won’t happen within a week. But once they see your dedication and the quality of your posts, they’ll decide to stay. A successful blog can open up many possibilities for you, and it’s not just in the ads. Sure, the ads can help pay the bills, but it’s not the only way to earn through blogging.

For a person with a good blog with high traffic, it’s easy to be approached by people who will pay you to write about them and for them. A simple blog post can easily earn you a few bucks, just make sure to provide contact details prominently on your blog. But do you know that there are bloggers who got published? If their blog’s content is made of quality writing, some publishers give them a shot and let them sign a book deal.

There are so many writing jobs online if you have an idea where to look, and of course, if you know how to be discovered.

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