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When an SEO keyword research tool can boast among it’s users such companies as Wells Fargo, Philips, PayPal, General Electric and Forbes, you know that it has to be a premier product; and whilst there is no such thing as the perfect SEO tool, SEMrush has some very powerful applications to put your company where it belongs.

In essence, SEMrush analyzes enormous quantities of internet data and produces highly detailed and specific reports to help you improve your website, better market your products and overtake your competitors.

Here’s just some of the facilities that SEMrush analytics tool offers:

Thorough Site Audit

Check out the efficiency and health of your own site:

  • Optimize your internal and external links;
  • Add meta tags where they are missing;
  • Make titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags unique and comprehensible for users and search engines;
  • Correct broken images and provide them all with an alt attribute;
  • Detect and erase error pages;
  • Find duplicate content.
  • Audits can be scheduled for regular analysis.

Prioritize the development of your site based on detailed reporting:

  • An Overview Report highlights significant issues on your website allowing you to prioritize.
  • An Issues Report shows the URLs of all pages that need addressing;
  • A Page Report list all problems found on a landing page.

Analyze your backlinks:

  • Learn about the authority of each backink and whether it can be trusted
  • Check the different types of backlinks on your website
  • Find out the geolocation of domains and IPs that link to your site

SEO Organic Optimization

Analyse your competitors keywords to develop strategies for your own content optimization 

  • Swiftly find the keyword rank of your competitors keywords
  • Group their searched terms according to the domain’s position
  • Compare estimated keyword value against web performance indicators, such as traffic, search volume, CPC, competition, volume of search results and trend.
  • View your competitors’ landing pages displayed in the SERPs for every given keyword.

Discover who your organic competitors are:

  • The SEMrush Competitive Positioning Map provides a visual insight into your  competitors by showing their organic traffic and the number of keywords.
  • The SEMrush Organic Competitors Report lists domains your website is competing against in the Google or Bing top 20. It gives information on competition level, natural traffic,  frequently used keywords.

Monitor the position changes of competitors keywords:

  • You can track and compare competitors’ position changes with your own to see how your strategies are developing and where they need to be tweaked. You can also track and monitor consumers changing search behavior.

Improve your advertising strategies

  • SEMrush can help you improve your PPC bidding strategy, performance, and efficiency as well as reducing your advertising expenditure through analyzing your competitors AdWords traffic, volume and estimated CPC.
  • Analyze your competitors advertising copy to look at how they use high-volume or long-tail keywords, and how they promote their brand to increase conversions.
  • You can develop stronger international strategies by analyzing keywords and ad texts in 26 regions, and in 16 languages. If you have local PPC campaigns, then knowing which keywords international users search with opens doors to more bidding options.

As you can see, SEMrush has the potential to make a dramatic impact into how you shape the content of your website and advertising campaigns in order to boost search engine ranking, click through rate and goal conversion. It’s ability to analyse your competitors can help you stay ahead of the field in a competitive market.

To keep up-to-date with ever changing search engine algorithms, consumer behaviors and SEO trends, you’ll find that SEMrush is always on the move too, so that their SEO analytic tools are not only current but cutting edge.

In addition to the analytical SEO software and reports, there are other benefits available – the company has a blog to keep you informed on a wide variety of information that may be helpful in carrying out SEO strategies and they frequently host webinars.

If you are looking for a serious SEO tool to help you develop your online strategy then SEMrush is certainly something to consider. You can see a free demo or open a SEMrush free trial account if you want to explore its features before subscribing. There are a range of subscriptions available.

For more information or to sign up visit SEMrush 




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