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Best SEO and content optimization tool

If you are a website owner wanting better search engine ranking or one of the many SEO companies looking to offer your clients exceptional optimization, then finding an up-to-date, post Penguin content optimizer and SEO tool that can put you ahead of your competitors is an absolute must.

Scribe SEO Tool

One such SEO tool is the Scribe 4.0 Content Marketing and SEO Optimizer which offers elements of analysis that are currently quite rare to find on the SEO tools market – in particular its content marketing and social networking elements.  In essence, Scribe lets you: research, optimize and socially connect any website; print out reports for clients; and publish content directly to websites built with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla from the internet.

Scribe was created by the Copyblogger team and, as anyone in the industry will tell you, they are market leaders in understanding and promoting content optimization. At Copyblogger, content marketing is a way of achieving not just a high search engine ranking but of developing a website’s credibility and, in doing so,  creating a faithful following of returning customers. It’s not the increasing number of website hits that is important, it’s the increasing the number of high quality visitors who keep coming back.

Even though you won’t see the name Copyblogger all over the Scribe website, the fact that their methodology lies at the heart of the software makes it a really exciting tool.

In essence, the Scribe SEO tool does three things:

1) Keyword Analysis

It identifies what things your target audience is interested in and, though analysing search engine results, as well as results from Twitter, Google Insights and Google+, lets you know the precise search terms they use. By doing this, Scribe provides you with exact short and longtail keywords to use in your content – enabling search engines to rank it highly for your audience’s specific search criteria. In other words, it ranks highly for the visitors you want it to rank highly for.

Scribe V4 ecommerce SEO tool

2) Content Optimization

Following on from this, Scribe then goes on to develop your content. It uses a 15 point analyses tool to ‘tweak’ your original copy so that it better meets the demands of your audience. Whilst there are some other SEO tools that will do similar things, it is the Copyblogger expertise that makes this tool stand out. Their understanding of content marketing means the ‘tweaks’ suggested will develop your website’s authority and make the article relevant to the needs of your readers, or for SEO agencies, the needs of your clients.

3) Social Optimization

The third prominent feature is the social optimization element. After analysing your content, Scribe will not only recommend other pages of your own site with which to create links back to your new page, giving it authority and making it easier to index: but it will also search the internet for the best sites to link to, giving the potential for building guest blogging relationships in the future so you can build a network of backlinks from high ranking and relevant sites.

As if this was not enough, Scribe then identifies social media users with high Google authority rankings who might want to share your article, gaining you potentially thousands of those high quality readers.

In the post Penguin era, when site popularity and authority are the chief basis for high search engine ranking, this is a feature that points you clearly in the right direction of where to build those relationships. This is what takes Scribe V4 one step beyond in the race to develop SEO software that creates organic search engine optimization.

SEO Education

One other element of Scribe V4 which makes it a noteworthy SEO tool is that it has a built-in education centre which links directly to the excellent resources available on Coptblogger itself. If you are wanting to develop your understanding of SEO as you use this tool then this is a more than helpful add on that will sharpen your skills and focus your attention on the job at hand – and, of course, it’s material created by one of the best SEO marketing companies around.

Like all software, there are areas which could be improved upon. When used as a wordpress plug-in, the updates made though Scribe can take a while to update, rather than be instantaneous, which can be a bit annoying. The other thing to consider, is that Scribe offers you advice and suggestions. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether to take that advice – if you have a website with lots of comments and social interactions, you will know your real audience well and you may not want to implement what Scribe tells you – so the real choice is down to you. However, remember Scribe’s goal is not just to keep your current customers happy, but to bring you new ones.

Scribe is not the cheapest search engine optimization tool around. Prices start at $97 per month, though you can get a free 30 day trial. I would recommend you use the free trial to see the value it can add to your archives. If you see their ranking improve after your 30 days, then the price might be a small investment for the improvements in profits that you or your clients reap.

For your $97, you get: 300 evaluations, 700 keyword searches and you can use it on unlimited websites. There is full support included in the price and you can cancel with ease. This is an ideal package for smaller SEO companies and website owners with one or several of their own websites. If you run a larger SEO company with many clients there are two other options available with extended facilities.

If you are an SEO agency or an online marketer seeking to improve the ranking of your own or your clients’ websites, then the Scribe SEO tool is definitely worth considering. It will certainly help you get one step ahead of your competitors. You can take the free 30 day trial by clicking here.


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