5 Main Reasons Some Bloggers Fail to Make Money

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bloggers failBy Marcus Jensen

Find out the reasons why many bloggers fail to make money

Before your even think of ways to monetize your blog, you have to ensure that you have the basics in place first. Keeping a blog requires a lot of patience, perseverance and will. It is a challenging process and there will always be something that requires attention. Some bloggers, however, never manage to get it right and their hard work goes to waste – so to help you here are 5 reasons why rookie bloggers often fail.

1) Low quality content

Let’s face it, when it comes to keeping a blog, keeping relevant and interesting content is what it is all about. For your blog’s niche, you should definitely pick something you know you are good at. Dealing constantly with that niche will, in time, make you into a genuine expert.

Remember, what matters the most is the content, so nothing, not even guest writing, should be off limits. However, you should only work with writers you trust and make sure you check every article in depth before you post it.

2) Lack of motivation

As many people enter the blogging business just to make some “internet money” you’ll find lots of people writing about it. However, making money this way is far from easy; it takes a lot of work and a long time. People who see blogging as a quick way to earn extra funds often end up bitterly disappointed.

As with any business, it takes time for things to get going; even the most profitable blogs had humble beginnings. This is why most people without a passion for this line of work don’t last long in blogging.

3) Bad design

why bloggers failNot paying attention to design is a crucial mistake you cannot afford to make. Visual stimuli can sometimes be as important as the content of your blog so, with this in mind, you need to pay special attention to it. Imagine what sort of a commercial failure even the highest performing Lamborghini would be if it was designed as a Cold War Soviet car. You cannot let this happen to your blog so ask for a bit of professional help.

The best thing is that, in today’s globalized world, you can outsource this kind of work to a digital agency. This is an opportunity you should definitely not miss on.

4) You can’t do it all on your own

You are not all alone in the world or even in this line of work. This means that you should rely on help from your fellow bloggers. Ever since the first cities originated, craftsmen of the same trade joined together in order to help each other prosper. There is no reason whatsoever why such a “guild” would not exist amongst the bloggers as well.

By sharing and posting other people’s content, you are ensuring that they will do the same for you. This way, it is almost guaranteed that your voice will be heard.

5) Ignoring the importance of headlines

bamRookie bloggers often pay no attention to the significance of the headlines or titles of their blog posts. One recent study came out with disturbing results: 6 out of 10 people online read only headlines. This, however, can work to your advantage. Set aside enough time and effort to coming up with a perfect headline and sub-headlines and you will most definitely drive traffic your way. This will guarantee that you triumph where others fail.

All in all, the most important thing to remember about blogging is that it is not as simple as it seems. Which means that those who want to make some big bucks this way shouldn’t even bother to try. However, for those who really want to make a name for themselves in the blogger community, these few simple tips and warnings will most definitely be of assistance.


If you’re a blogger with other important tips to help rookies, please share them in the comments below.


Author Bio:

Marcus is an Australian IT support professional. He runs his own business working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor to several sites.

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