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Christmas Selling on eBayT’is the season to be busy… Yes, folks, it may only be October and there might not have been even a touch of ground frost yet, but Santa’s little elves have been busy for weeks already. The Christmas selling on eBay time has arrived. Just take a look in the supermarket or the mall, Christmas trees have been sprouting up everywhere and seasonal goodies have begun to appear on the shelves and in TV ads. These are the signals that any clever eBayer should be picking up on right now in order to make this year’s holiday season much more profitable.

But what to sell this Christmas? The list is endless, but start with the basics – toys. Our house is full of them, they are bursting out of the cupboards, hidden under beds, forgotten behind sofas, left all over the house: and as you know, come Christmas morning, there’s going to be a stack more to find a home for.

Well, now is the perfect time for a clear out. Kids grow up, things that they were playing with a couple of years ago are now too childish for them. My five year old far is more interested in the iPad these days than with the wooden bricks and now the four year old can do ballet the baby walker that’s been lying around forgotten in the attic for the last three years is desperate for a new home.

So, have that clear out, chuck the items that won’t be in good enough condition for a loving parent of another child to give them for Christmas, and get the rest cleaned, photographed and listed in time for the mad sales rush that is Christmas. Just think of all that space you’ll have left and if nothing else, you may have made enough money to fund your own lavish festivities.

If you want to go beyond selling toys on eBay, just think of all the other items you can put up for sale: watches, perfume, handbags, unwanted Christmas decorations like that singing Santa. Seasonal DVDs and CDs are also good sellers. In fact, last year I was buying them from Amazon and selling them new for a profit on eBay! If someone might want it for a present, now’s the time.

Remember too, that this time of year is also a great time to sell you winter clothes. If the kids have grown out of that winter coat or their snow boots are too small, fall is the perfect time to find them new homes.

The one extra piece of advice I would add about Christmas selling on eBay is to make sure you end your listings in plenty of time for Santa to get them wrapped up in time for the big day. Nothing makes an angrier parent than a broken hearted kid on Christmas morning. Late posting and Christmas posting delays can cause big problems and negative feedback. You also want to spend time with your own family at Christmas not doing last minute wrapping for others.

Happy eBay Christmas selling.Make a Little extra cash


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