DareBoost Review: Website Speed and Performance Analysis Tool

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Have you ever been frustrated while waiting for a web page to load? A fast loading time is essential if your website is to offer a good user experience.

Several studies have shown that loading times directly impact a store’s sales and even a brand’s reputation:

  • Only 1 more second in loading time can cost up to 7% of the conversion rate
  • 2010: 1% of websites were penalized by Google for excessive loading times
  • 71% of web users have less confidence in a brand if its website is too slow

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Fortunately, several tools are available to help us to optimize websites. DareBoost.com certainly offers the best website analyses. It will check several dozen checkpoints specific to your website and will provide a range of comprehensive tips: what is the best ‘quick-win’ fix to implement on your website? What is the best plugin to resolve your issue for your particular CMS and frameworks? Below, we’ll take a closer look at the DareBoost’s quality and performance analysis tool.

A free performance report, in one click

To get your free performance report, visit Dareboost, enter the URL of the website you want to analyze in the main field and click on “Analyze my page”. That’s all. A few seconds later, you’ll be presented with a very detailed report, including useful performance metrics and optimization tips. Here’s one for this website.

DareBoost Review

At a glance, you can evaluate the quality of your page. An overall score has been computed by the tool and you can see the main steps of the page loading in an easy to comprehend, graphical layout: the server response time, the start render time and the load time. Developers can retrieve more detailed metrics to go further (timeline, speed index, video, etc).

Speed and quality best practices

The report lists several dozen best practices, grouped into categories: browser rendering, SEO, security, accessibility, compliance, data amount, etc.

DareBoost Screen shot

Some categories are dedicated to the technologies used on your website. So, when analyzing makealittleextra.com, I get 5 extra categories: Apache, Google Analytics, Google Fonts API, WordPress and jQuery. They all contain tips to enhance the website.

The tips are listed depending on their priority. The most important optimizations are placed at the top, while minor fixes are listed below.

To give you an understanding of the depth of analyses and the quality of the best practices that Dareboost provides, here’s the example from just one area that it scrutinises.

Dareboost features

DareBoost indicates that the web page can be reduced by 105KiB, just by enabling the Apache mod_deflate module. A very simple and comprehensive tip: that’s why DareBoost is so essential.

Many free advanced features

If you create a free account on DareBoost, you’ll be able to launch an analysis of any web page (even your competitors!) and have access to a competitive benchmark.

dareboost advanced features

Moreover, you can change the location of the test (Paris, Washington, Hong Kong, Sydney, etc), and analyse how your site works on a mobile device.

Pro plans with dedicated features

You can go further (free plan is limited to 5 analyses per month), the professional plans will allow you to go unlimited and even to monitor your website speed and quality.

dareboost pro plans dedicated features

Finally, if you are a web agency, you can use DareBoost to analyze your client’s websites and export the reports as white-labelled PDF files. 

There are many more features available on this tool. If you run a website, go one, give it a try: analyze my website with Dareboost

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