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If you want to know how to really earn money blogging, then the best way to do this is to learn from those who have done it successfully and one of the best known champions of blogging is, of course, John Chow.

If you have been part of the blogospshere, chances are that you will have come across him. It’s even more likely that a blog you have read is created using his methods.

He’s most famous for turning his blog from earning $0 to $40,000 a month in under 2 years – and whilst, to be honest, not everyone is going to achieve that, even $1,000 a month could make a significant difference to the average person’s income.

The significant thing about John Chow’s methods is that they are proven. He has been helping people successfully create money making blogs for years and for the last 6 years in a row has been the number one authority in the area. He’s even made the New York Times and been interviewed on television about his system.

Why would you want to follow his methods? Well, besides making millions over the last 8 years, he has over 200,000 visitors a day to his own website, many of whom are recurring visitors who come back time and time again. His techniques have allowed him to genuinely build long term relationships with customers so that they are constantly buying his new products. People do not do that unless they are happy with what they buy the first time around.

As a blogger, this is what you need to achieve – not lots of people who visit once and never return, but a genuine readership who like what you do, keep visiting and spread the word on social networks about how good you are.

This is one of the methods he will teach you. I particularly like this approach because at the heart of it a moral code that all good bloggers should follow – treat your readers with respect. A firm foundation for building a blog that is worthwhile and not simply a sales machine trying to off load any old rubbish on to the customer.  In these days when Google Authority is the key to high search ranking and online visibility, such things are key elements to blogging success.

So, if you are looking to find a systematic approach that is proven and respected globally, check out the video below and then click below to learn more

Take a more detailed look at John Chow’s system by watching the short video below.

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