10 Tips for making eBay item descriptions sell better

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After buyers have read your listing title and seen the photograph of what you are selling, the next thing they’ll come to is the item description. Remember, by the time they have arrived here, they have already shown enough interest to get to you. This means they like what they see. The job of making sure they buy it and not something from a competitor is down to the item description section.

There are three important things to consider when creating this section of your listing: the way the page looks, what you say and the way that you say it. In this article I’m going to focus on how to make the page look good.

If you are a business seller you may have your own shop with its own template and design. For the vast majority of people using Ebay to make a little bit of extra money. there is no need for this. Nor do you need to pay extra for a ‘professional looking background’ that Ebay offers.

What you do need to do is make the page look professional: keep it neat, tidy, well organised and well presented. You also need to make it look simple and unfussy. So, here are a 10 tips for a good looking page:

  • Use only a single font, don’t mix them.
  • Make sure the font is easy to read – nothing jazzy.
  • Don’t mix different coloured fonts, in most cases black is best. It’s neat, tidy, professional looking and black on white, for most people, is the easiest to read.  (People with dyslexia often find a coloured background makes things easier to read.) If you do use another font colour, for example to match the colour of something you are selling, then make it easy on the eye.
  • Keep the font fairly small. Use a 10, 11 or 12 size font for the main part of your writing and maybe 14 for titles. Huge big fonts look horrible and cheap – especially when they are in bright red and underlined. Go look at the font and font size that other websites use to sell the same product. The vast majority of things you read on the internet are written in small fonts.
  • Don’t centre the text. Your brain instinctively wants to go back to the left of the page after if finishes a line – centred text can become irritating to read for this reason.
  • Use bold for the titles and any subtitles rather than underline. You can also use bold for some of the key words.
  • Don’t write in block capitals.
  • Use italics only rarely and if necessary and never use bold, italics and underlining at the same time
  • Keep your paragraphs short and put a line break between each one. If it looks too demanding to read, the buyer may switch off.
  • Use short bullet points for things such as item features, rather than writing a long list – again it allows the brain to access the information in a more palatable way.

Remember, the way your page looks is a reflection of you. Clean and sharp or messy and vulgar? That’s the choice.


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