10 Best Affiliate Networks To Help Bloggers Make Money

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How to make money from your blog

No matter how passionate you are about blogging, only by monetizing your blog are you going to turn it from a hobby site into something that earns money and pays you a reasonable living. If your dream is to write full time, then your blog has got to deliver you an income. Joining affiliate programs is a method that thousands of successful bloggers use to make money. Here we explain what affiliate marketing is and how you can get started on monetizing your blog by signing up to 10 great affiliate networks that will give you access to thousands of affiliate programs run by some of the world’s top companies with the hottest products.

What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are where bloggers put links from their blog to a company’s website, if a visitor from your website clicks on the link and then buys from the website they get sent to, the blogger gets paid you a commission. It’s that simple.

How do affiliate programs work?

When you join an affiliate program you are given an ID number. When you put a link on your website to the company selling the product, it has your unique ID in it. When the visitor buys, the company can tell it was you who sent them and you get paid. As these links are often controlled by cookies, it means that even if they don’t buy when they visit, but go back again later, sometimes up to 60 days later, you still get paid. Some affiliate programs also pay ongoing fees, so if a customer keeps going back, you keep getting paid every time.

How much do I get paid for an affiliate link?

It varies dramatically. For physical goods, affiliate commissions can go from 1% up to 15% or even higher, for each sale. The average is around 5%. For non-physical goods, such as software or memberships of websites, the commission can be as high as 50%. Some ebooks and online training programs will pay even higher.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

It doesn’t. Affiliate programs are free to join. They pay you, you don’t pay them. However, there is not automatic approval. The company which runs the affiliate program will want to check your website first to make sure it does not contravene any of their policies: i.e., it wants to make sure your content is legal and that you are not a spam site, etc. After that, you will be accepted to the affiliate marketing company but will then need to apply to their individual retailers. Some will automatically approve you, others are more choosy and will want to see that your website is the right place for their brand to be promoted. So for example, if you blogged about things of a sexual nature, it’s unlikely that Disney (which do have an affiliate program) would want you to promote them.

What kinds of companies offer affiliate programs?

A surprising number of companies offer affiliate programs including many well established and prestigious household brands and blue chip companies. In addition, may giant retailers like Amazon and eBay also have affiliate programs. Most big organisations don’t publicize their affiliate programs, some smaller companies do. However, I’ll show you at the end of the post where to find affiliate programs to join.

How do I advertise their products?

There are several options when it comes to advertising the products. You can put banners and picture advertizements on your blog (in the side bar or elsewhere) and these will be provided for you. You can also put text adverts on, if you don’t want images and these can be used to link to specific pages or products on the advertizer’s website. In addition, you can just create a hyperlink in any text using your unique code. This can be helpful if you just want to give them a passing mention in a post or if you have written a review of one of their products. You can also get access to images of their products and put a link on the picture.

What if I don’t like the products they are selling?

Your blog is yours and it’s important that you choose products and companies whose values match those of you and your audience. You are not forced to advertise a company, even if you are an affiliate and you can remove any links any time you wish or choose to put links only to products you want to promote.

How much can I earn?

You cannot put a precise figure on earnings. A lot will depend upon how many visitors you have and how relevant the products are that you link to. If you target particular products to the subject of a particular blog post, you are more likely to do well – especially if the product pays a good commission. There are quite a few bloggers who do make enough to pay them a wage – some earn millions.

Where do I find affiliate programs to join?

Some companies run their own affiliate companies and you can find these on their website, often in very small lettering at the bottom of their website. You will have to apply to each one individually. The majority, especially bigger businesses, have affiliate marketing companies who run their affiliate programs for them. You need to join these affiliate marketing companies to join the affiliate programs. As I mentioned before this is free to do. You will find that some of these affiliate marking companies have thousands of companies who you can choose to advertise. You can also join as many of these affiliate marketing companies as you wish!

Here’s the list of affiliate marketing companies

So if you want to monetize your blog, here are our top pics for affiliate marketing companies. Through these, you can find thousands of companies to advertise. You can join them all for free. We would recommend joining Affiliate Window first as it’s one of the biggest, has many quality companies, helpful account managers who can give you good deals, and it is the easiest to find your way around. Once you have done that, move onto the others.



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