The Future of Shipping: How Technology is Changing Logistics

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Future of shipping

Delivery is a crucial part of many business models, whether you are selling on eBay, from your website, or even offering a drop shipping service to other retailers. If you have physical products, you have to find the best way to get them to your customers.

Demands on businesses for better delivery

There’s a lot to think about. To maximise profits or make your company more competitive, you have to keep delivery costs down. This mean looking at alternative methods of packaging and transport. In addition, customers want their goods delivering quickly. Gone are the days when they would happily wait for a week for the parcel to arrive. Today they want it tomorrow. Tomorrow, they’ll want it today. If a pizza restaurant can deliver within an hour for free, what’s stopping other businesses doing the same? Those who can will be the ones who prosper.

There are other considerations too. Modern customers have concerns about the way products are delivered. They want environmentally friendly solutions, not just in how much fuel you burn on the journey but in how biodegradable the packaging is and how much packaging is used.

And finally, there’s the quality of the delivery. There’s nothing worse for company or customer than damaged goods. It’s bad feedback, poor reputation and money down the drain. You need good service.

Unfortunately, many companies just do not have the financial resources or expertise to create the logistical infrastructure needed to meet the demands and expectations of today’s customers. This, however, does not mean they are doomed. Outsourcing your delivery can be a cost-effective way to improve the quality of service you offer your customers and enable you to spend more time focusing on generating new business.

The future of logistics

So how will things change in the future of logistics? To show you, we’ve got this great infographic from 2Flow, an outsourced logistics solutions company, based in Ireland, that provides warehousing,fulfilment order processing and logistics.

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