Guest Blogging Article Guidelines

Get involved welcomes guest bloggers who can contribute unique and entirely exclusive articles that cover the topics we publish.Our goal is to provide readers with exceptional content that they cannot find elsewhere online and which offers them solutions or helps them solve problems.

If you would like to become a guest blogger and have your article reviewed and published on – please follow our guest blogger guidelines carefully:

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines carefully otherwise we may not be able to accept your post.

  1. Before sending in an article, please contact us first with your ideas. We can then let you know if they are suitable before you start writing.
  2. Articles submitted should be 800 words or over.
  3. Articles need to be formatted with (h1) clear headings, (h2) subheadings and paragraphs.
  4. Subtitles should be written in sentence style. i.e. only use a capital on the first word.
  5. Articles need to be fully proofread to make sure they are free from spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.
  6. We will accept both UK and US spelling and punctuation variations, provided you are consistent.
  7. At the bottom of the article please supply your name and any author bio you want publishing (the bio is optional).
  8. The bio should be about your professional experience, etc., and enhance the authority of your writing.
  9. When submitting your article please send as a .doc or .docx file.
  10. If you supply images with the article, please let us know where you obtained them. We cannot publish images where there is not permission from the copyright holder and so we need to know if it is legal for us to use them.
  11. Images must be related to the content of your article and be of good taste.
  12. We can only accept .jpg and .png files for publication
  13. The article which you supply must be entirely your own work and not derived, scraped, copied or spun from other people’s work.
  14. The article must not have been previously published or an adaptation of previously published work. It must be original.
  15. All articles will be checked using Copyscape prior to acceptance.
  16. We will allow a link in the copy of your article to another website – provided that website is reputable and has no association with illegal or immoral activities. We cannot accept links to websites associated with alcohol, gambling or adult content.
  17. We will not accept affiliate links in guest posts.
  18. We will allow an additional link to your social media account in your author bio.
  19. We encourage all our contributor to use social media to share and like the content that they publish.
  20. Make A Little Extra promotes tolerance and respect for all people.  We will not, therefore, accept any work for publication which may be offensive with regards to gender, race, age, sexuality, disability or religious belief.

Please note – we reserve the right to edit and amend articles submitted to ensure they comply with our high standards and meet the needs of our readers.

How to contact:

In the first instance, email your ideas for your article to:admin (at) We aim to get back to you within a few days.