How not to be an angry eBay seller and frighten off customers

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Following on from my post Writing Effective Description Content for your eBay Listing this post will deal with they style in which you write your descriptions.

What I really mean is the tone you use with the customers. What I find really galling when I read some sellers’ descriptions on eBay is the way they seem to have utter contempt for the customer. It’s as if they have a chip on their shoulders. These are the ones that you’ve no doubt come across yourselves which are full of remarks like, ‘Do not bid if you’ve had less than 10 positive feedbacks,’ ‘If you do not send payment within 48 hours I will relist,’ and, ‘Non-payers will receive negative feedback.’

Ok, there are always a few buyers who will let you down. Expect that, it happens. But to put that aggressively phrased extra term and condition on your description is going to most of your potential customers away not just the ones you want to avoid.

Buyers want to buy from nice people and the only way you can be nice in your description is in putting good manners on your page. Be polite: thank them for looking, use ‘please’ to invite them to look at your other items, add comments like, ‘If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to sort out any issues you may have,’  Make your tone friendly, warm and welcoming and the customers will warm to you and that will increase your chance of making a sale.

Along with the tone, you have to consider the friendly service too. The most important one for me is offering a 14 day return. In the UK there is a law called the Distance Selling Act that requires all business selling from a distance (by phone, newspaper ad, internet etc,) to offer a 14 return to customers. This does not apply to private sellers, so non-business eBayers can get away without offering it. But what does that say about you if you don’t offer it? To me it says you can’t be trusted. You might be selling a dodgy item and once its sold, that’s it, you can wash your hands of it and tough luck to the poor buyer.

Again, it’s not fair and the customer is not treated with the respect they deserve. But more than that, its long term impact on your eBay trading could be massive. It could lead to disputes, negative feedback and requests for the return of payments. Even before it gets to that stage, however, it will still have had an effect. If there are two similar items from two sellers, chances are the customer will buy from the one who offers a return, even if its more expensive.

So, if you want to make a little extra, don’t be an angry eBayer, don’t threaten your clients and don’t shy away from offering a good service. Be warm, be generous and be profitable


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