Professional Advice on How to Make Money Selling Photos Online

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Get yourself a slice of a $5 billion market

We’re always trying to bring you ways to make money and we think that selling your photographs online is one channel that has lots of potential – and not just if you are a professional photographer. Why? Because these days we all have cameras on or phones or digital cameras and we tend to have hundreds, if not thousands of photos sitting around on computers and back-up drives which have the potential to make money.

Why would people pay for your photographs?

If you are thinking that no-one would be interested in buying your photographs then think again.  There is a vast range of people wanting them for a vast range of uses: illustrating blogs and websites, advertising, book covers, book illustrations, travel brochures, magazines, articles. The list goes on and on. Every time someone publishes something, whether digital or physical, they have to either take the image themselves or else pay for use of a copyright image owned by someone else.

We’ve bought hundreds of images over the last few years and will continue to do so as long as we want images on our websites and publications. The market for photographic images is a massive $5 billion a year. You could be taking a little slice of this for yourself for very little work.


How do you make money from your photographs?

If you want to know how to sell photos online the best way would be to follow the valuable advice of Jarrod Hardcastle, a digital photographer who has been successfully selling many photographs online for several years and has now put all his knowledge in his DigiCam Cash System. In it he explains the step-by-step procedures for taking the right pictures to sell and shows exactly how to get them sold.

What is the DigiCam Cash System?

The DigiCam Cash System is a full training program designed to help you make money from your camera or your phone. You will need to register and become a member of DigiCam Cash to access the course materials. You don’t need to have an expensive camera, as long as your camera is over 3.2 megapixels (which most phone cameras are these days!) your images will be large enough to sell.

In all likelihood, not every picture you upload will sell, it depends on what you have and what people are looking for, so the more you can take and upload, the better chances you have of selling. What Digicam Cash does do, is point out which photos will sell online and show how to take them so that they are appealing, thus enabling you to take potentially more sellable pictures as you progress.

To find out more about the Digicam Cash and to see the introductory video, click here

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