How to Use SEO to Create Profit Opportunities Online

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How to Use SEO to Create Profit Opportunities OnlineSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) has helped marketers and consultants create income opportunities since Google first rolled out Adsense campaigns.

It’s also the ideal work-at-home gig because all you need is your brain, a computer and your Internet connection to get down to business. With few resources, you can position yourself as an SEO consultant, create campaigns using SEO, and combine it with social networking to generate traffic where it counts. When you become an all-star, you can even train or teach others on how to be SEO gurus, too.

Everyone Needs a Little SEO

If you’re online, odds are you need a little SEO. That makes it a market with a great deal of demand. For experts who want to make money on SEO, they can take several routes:

  • PPC Campaigns – Pay-per-click campaigns still make use of SEO to drive traffic to an online offer. Find the best keywords to use and include them in your advertising campaigns. You can market affiliate offers and then use Google PPC to get traffic back to your landing pages, if you know how to incorporate SEO into both.
  • Content Development – Maybe you prefer to write, instead of selling products. SEO can help you become a more profitable writer by including techniques that make your content more popular. It will place content higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), if done correctly.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media can be the first step in your sales funnel, and SEO can work here, too. You can get more people interested in friending and following if you include the right keywords and hash tags in your bios and status updates. Since search engines now include the weight of a social media profile in results, this can also increase your exposure online.
  • Developers – People who create websites and mobile apps can also benefit from knowing a little SEO. They can include it in their alt tags and when they code things. It will help to drive traffic to these areas. If they want to add a price tag to a mobile app and market it, then SEO can also be another way for a developer to make money online.
  • Consultants – There are all sorts of businesses who will pay you to come in and optimize their pages and offers so that they can compete successfully online. Some will hire social networking experts with SEO knowledge to maintain a web presence in this area as well. Consultants can demand top fees for this service.
  • Teachers – Once you have a following, you can author books on how to use SEO to make people money the same way you have done in your career. You can offer online seminars and teach online classes.
  • Video Marketing – One great way to use SEO to create income is to generate videos online and then use SEO in the description area to drive traffic to them. When you use YouTube in partnership with Google Ads, you can get paid for the amount of traffic your SEO-optimized videos generate. The ads served on your videos will reflect how well you crafted the SEO and create even more opportunities to make money when people click them.

There are so many ways to make money with SEO, right from your very own home, that it can benefit any professional wanting a way to drive traffic to online offers. You don’t even have to go to school to start now. You can start to learn SEO online and get started right away.


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