Keep Your Storage and Cardboard Packaging Safe During the Winter Months

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Many of those who work from home, often need to pack away files and equipment to save storage. Whether you have a storage unit or keep your belonging in your home’s attic or basement, it is important that you prepare your storage for the miserable conditions that lie ahead this winter.

Big Box or Little Box

Cardboard boxes are the cheapest and the fastest way to pack your belongings. Make sure that you invest sturdy, quality boxes that you know will protect your documents or goods.

The old saying if its not broke don’t fix to mind when discussing cardboard boxing. Pre-cut cardboard has been used to transport and store goods as far back as 1890. Even the cardboard box has evolved from this time, with options such as double wall and corrugated boxes available to buy.

There are a number of reasons why cardboard boxes make great storage tools, firstly, they are easy to use and handle. It is well worth investing in quality cardboard for winter storage. Retrieving boxes from a store a friend may be cheap, however, it may not protect your goods effectively. Packaging supplier, Big Brown Box, recommend heavy duty moving boxes for storage as “boxes that you could pick up from the local supermarket or shop may not be as durable and may be more susceptible to collapsing if they get damp or wet.

Packing Your Storage Boxes


It can be tempting to jump right into the packing process – wrong. Have a think about the different types of possessions you are packing away, whether it be files or equipment they should be treated uniquely during this process.

If you are packing away goods such as books it is advised that you leave the heavier boxes underneath the lighter boxes. Depending on how fragile the heavy boxes are, there is less chance that breakable items will get damaged during their time in storage.

Perfecting your packing technique could take hours, maybe even days, but this will be worthwhile if you want your goods to be safe over what could be a long winter period.

A top tip for eco-friendly packers is that if you want to reduce the amount of cardboard that you use try to use bigger boxes. By using the biggest box possible it will minimise the amount of filler and cardboard you will go through.


Filling Your Boxes


Depending on the type of item you are packing away, there are a number of ways you can protect your goods over the winter months. Using fillers such as bubble wrap and loose fill chips will add a layer of security to your boxes.

Just a you would add coats, hats, and scarfs to your winter wardrobe, layers will add an extra level of care to your packages. Here are just a few ways you can fill your boxes:

Bubble wrap: Bubble wrapping is a cheap and effective way to pack and works especially well when transporting and storing delicate goods.

Loose Fill Chips: If you are conscious about using environmentally friendly products then loose fill chips are an excellent choice. This 100% filler will shape around the sides and edges your items keeping them cushions and secure.

Foam Wrap: Foam wrap is also great to protect your larger items such as mirrors and television/computer screens. If you have invested in new equipment and are putting your older goods foam wrap also offers superb insulation to your items as it is moisture resistant.

Sealing Your Storage Items

Don’t believe what they say, when it comes to storage, the outside of the box counts. One your box is packed, filled and ready to go secure your boxes with a high quality packing tape.

Other tapes may not be able to handle the cold and damp conditions of storage over the winter months. Using a cheap alternative may work over the summer, however, as temperatures drop your storage boxes could be targeted by damp.

Top Tips for Storage Packing

Anytime that you are packing boxes for storage, make sure that you are labelling. Labelling may seem like an obvious thing do, as it will save you time when you go to find them and open them next time.

This finishing touch will speed up the unpacking stage. Make sure you are also writing the contents of each box on the side of it with a marker pen. It is advised that you write on the sides of the boxes and not on top, as it makes it easier to recognise them once they are stacked together.

Once you are finished with your boxes, reuse them! Cardboard boxing is one of the most traditional forms of packaging and is often a cost effective method for EBay sellers who are sending larger parcels.

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