How to Improve eBay Product Photography and Make More Money

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photographymasterclass-productIf your eBay product photography is poor, you’re losing money

Believe it or not, I love bad eBay listing images. In fact, badly taken product photographs have helped me make a lot of money on eBay over the years. How? Quite simply, products with poor quality photographs sell very cheaply. I buy them cheaply, take a better picture, add a better description and then sell them for much more than I bought them for. That’s my simple, eBay strategy in a nutshell.

How much are money you losing with badly taken listings images?

One of the things I sell are used, branded shoes. There are thousands of pairs of good quality used shoes on eBay and other sites that people will pay a good price for – but most people are careful buyers. They want to clearly see the quality of the shoes they are buying. If your image is so good that it makes the shoes look almost new, they’ll pay even more. And if it looks like a professionally shot image, they’ll pay at a premium. Many of these used shoes can sell for over $100 a pair.

What I do, is look for high quality shoes with small, dull, dark and blurred pictures. I want shoddy backgrounds. The chances are that the only people who will bid on these shoes are people like me – people trying to buy them cheaply so they can be resold at their real value. As a result, they can often be bought for less than $10.

So, how much are you losing with bad images? Well, if I buy shoes for $10 and sell them for $100 – I make 900%. If the person I bought them from had taken a good photograph, they could have made the same.

Where did I learn to take professional looking photos?

It took me a long time to figure how to get my eBay product imagery right. And to be truthful, for all the experimenting I did, it wasn’t getting anywhere in terms of increasing my profits until I decided it was time to take a photography course. As I didn’t have the time or the money to go back to college to study I wanted an affordable, flexible course that I could work on from home. The course I chose was The Photography Masterclass 

About the course

The Photography Masterclass is a course of video tutorials accompanied by a series of text books to work through. I found it exceptionally useful in helping me with everything from holding the camera correctly to editing images using Photoshop. It taught me all the things I never knew about my camera – not just what all the settings were, but what they could achieve in terms of improving my images and it showed me that for all the years I’d been using Photoshop, I’d barely scratched the surface, and that many of the things I was using it for were wrong.

Taking the course was a real eye opener, but more importantly it has helped me make much more money from my eBay listings. Hopefully, it can do the same for you. At $69 it’s one of the smartest investments I’ve made as an online retailer.

Give it a try and see how you can boost your profits

If you think you might need a little bit of help in sharpening up your product photography to improve sales, then this is definitely a good resource to check out. The Photography Masterclass 


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