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There are lots of ‘How to make a million from eBay’ gurus out there selling badly written e-books and programs designed to give you pretty basic information which you can find out pretty much anywhere. There are, however, very few genuine programs specifically created to take someone who has some eBay experience and help them develop their practices and become an eBay Powerseller.

One program that does offer excellent guidance and top eBay selling tactics is the Online Selling Tactics program from Salehoo. For those who do not know, Salehoo run one of the biggest wholesale directories on the internet. They make their money primarily from helping online retailers find good wholesalers. With tens of thousands of customers worldwide, most of whom are eBay sellers, they have figured out that if they can help their retailers and wholesalers make more money, they will do so too. For that reason, their Online Selling Tactics program is to be trusted, because if it helps you, it will also help them.

To make sure the advice they give is valuable and beneficial for those who use it they have put together quite a substantial team of experts to give advice. These include:

Mark Ling

Internet marketing extraordinaire and search engine optimization guru! Mark is a world-renowned internet marketer and began his career in the pioneering days of the internet, back in 1999. Mark now owns several successful internet-based businesses.

Alice Delore

e-Commerce blog writer and seller coach for SaleHoo.com members. Alice first started selling online in 2006 and since 2009, has been helping small online businesses get off the ground and boost sales.

Erika Garnica

Erika could easily be describes as Miss eBay! Erika is a eBay PowerSeller and Top Rated Seller. She is also a former eBay employee. During her time with eBay, Erika was aTop Rated Seller account manager and managed the accounts of some of eBay’s top PowerSellers.

Edward Koester

e-Commerce store owner, eBay PowerSeller and Top Rated Seller with over 5,000 sales made on eBay alone. Edward is also the owner of a successful retail store in New York.

Fredrick Nijm

Former eBay PowerSeller and current social media marketing guru and owner of marketplace Addoway.com. Fred is a former eBay PowerSeller and shares his experience and practical, results-driven advice with Online Selling Tactics members.

Marc Ransom

eBay PowerSeller, SaleHoo Community Manager, CEO of CafeBytz, Liquidity Inc, and Viral Video. Marc regularly posts on the SaleHoo Community Forum and loves helping out members to assist them in growing their business.All the advice these experts have put together has been tested over a 12-month period to make sure what they say really works. The course is split into 7 modules:

  • How to quickly build up sellers reputation from zero and fast forward your sales
  • Discover the most profitable marketplace to sell on
  • Make a full time income with just 2 sales per week!
  • The simple strategy that increases your profits by over 16%
  • The ultimate buy low sell high strategy – revealed!
  • Expert strategies for pulling more traffic to your listings
  • PowerSeller tips for retaining a loyal customer base and making easy repeat sales

Each Online Selling Tactics module comes with a 60 minute, over-the-shoulder video, showing, step-by-step, how to improve your business strategies. These are very comprehensive videos, which certainly help remove any confusion and mystery about how to make a successful e-commerce business. The information on post-sale marketing strategies, for example, is particularly enlightening for those who haven’t even considered it properly before.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some reasonable experience at selling online, this program has plenty to offer. It has 3 bonus lessons aimed specifically at getting beginners up-to-scratch before moving onto the more powerful methods for developing top online selling strategies.

The course is not simply seven hours of videos, you get real resources to help you put the the strategies into action and kick off your business. For example, when they teach email marketing they provide high quality email templates for you to use with your customers to help get them to return and buy again. You also get free 1 year registration to the Salehoo directory of over 8000 legitimate wholesalers – which in itself is worth investing in.

Online Selling Tactics Overview

What Is Included

  • 7 core videos, each with over 60 minutes of pure, boiled down content and advice.
  • Useable, step-by-step instructions and live demonstration from the experts.
  • Prediction on the future of e-commerce from CEOs and marketing managers of some of the most exciting marketplaces.
  • Handy note-taking feature to store your notes as you go through the course.
  • Bonus videos specific for beginner sellers to get them up-to-scratch.
  • Hand picked supplier lists
  • Email templates
  • A 1-year subscription to SaleHoo (includes access to the SaleHoo Directory and the Market Research Lab).

Who Is It For?

  • Beginners in the e-commerce world who want to start their own e-store, but don’t know how to get started and need step-by-step instructions to follow.
  • Intermediate users who have their own e-store but want to know the secrets/methods that Powersellers use to make it their full-time income.
  • Advanced users who have full-time income, but are looking for advanced strategies they have not considered/tried (e.g. email marketing) that highly successful Powersellers use to create a high-income business.
  • Stay-at-home mothers who are looking for a way to earn extra money while at home that doesn’t require technical knowledge.

You don’t need any technical knowledge required for the program as it is suitable for people at all levels of ability.

Overall, this is a recommended program that uses the knowledge of real experts and is produced by a market leader in the online retail sector. However, because it is so good, it’s not the cheapest on the market. For those who are interested just remember that you have 60 days money back guarantee in case the program is not for you.

So if you want more information on how to get top eBay selling tactics or to sign up right now, visit Salehoo Online Selling Tactics. You’ll get a full overview of each module to look at before deciding.



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