5 Legitimate Jobs You Can Do at Home on a Computer

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With job security disappearing and job postings scarce, finding employment can seem a distant prospect – especially if you are stuck at home. The good news is that the situation is not as grim as it seems. The ever-developing IT industry has made it possible to find quite a few legit jobs you can do at home on a computer. Here’s some you might want to consider.

Selling Your Writing Skills

If you are creative and you have good writing skills, you may consider writing for money. Writing is the essence of several perfectly legal and profitable professions like freelance journalism, blogging, content writing and SEO (search engine optimization). Even better, the required investment to set up as a freelance writer is minimal; all you need is a quality text editor like MS Word or Google Docs and a stable internet connection. And the very nature of writing makes it possible that you tackle more than one of these jobs at once.

Trade Stocks

Trading stocks is probably the fastest and the most direct way of letting your money make money, but here lies the catch: you need some money (the more you have, the wider your set of options will be) to enter the market. Also, stock trading is not a completely risk-free profession. If you are willing to bridge those difficulties, make sure that you always stay informed (start with The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, and The Economist – some of the most renowned newspapers in the business), and buy only the stocks of reliable companies with proven business models until you are ready to venture onto the more uncertain grounds.

Start a Conveyancing Business

Although this particular profession requires accreditation and two years experience before you can practice it independently, at the end of the road is a well-paid job which is as legit as it gets. Reliable conveyancing services are always in demand and the majority of actual conveyancing duties (preparing and clarifying the legal documents, calculating the adjustment of taxes, settling the property and representing the interests of your clients) can be done on your home computer or a smartphone. It is a long road, but a worthwhile one.

Become a Developer

App development is another profession that requires time and effort to get your business going, but the good news is that many developers are self-taught. They have learned the skills as a hobby. So, whilst a college degree can be useful, it is not necessary, And this is one profession that’s here to stay; as the number of smart devices continues to grow, and we becoming increasingly dependent on various apps, learning some of the coding languages does seem like a very good career option.

Find Employment in an ‘At Home’ Call Centre

Working in an ‘at home’ call centre can be hard work, but if you have a great telephone voice, equally good organization skills and a quiet corner of your house where you will be able to fully commit to your obligations, this might be the perfect job for you. Whether you are going to work as a full-time employee or as an independent contractor is entirely up to you.

These are some of the most widely available and perfectly legal jobs you can do from your home. Do not let your current situation discourage you, try some of these jobs and you may find your perfect employment. .

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