How to Make $95 Selling An Empty Old Cardboard Box on eBay

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Do you keep your branded product packaging boxes when you buy things? If so, you can make a lot of money selling them on eBay – especially in the run-up to Christmas.

cardboard-box-161578_1280Here’s why. To grab a bargain, millions of people buy used or refurbished goods instead of buying new ones. Of course, many of these products don’t come in their original packaging and though, normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, when it gets to Christmas people begin to behave just a little irrationally. Parents, in particular, will go out of their way to make the refurbished product look brand new for their children – and that often means having to buy the packaging separately.

But there’s a problem – there are always too few boxes for sale compared to the number of people searching for them and so the prices often go ridiculously high. I mean, who would seriously consider paying £62 / $95 for an empty cardboard box? We are not talking about collectors’ items here, the £62 / $95 was for a Sony Playstation box, sold in August this year.

empty boxes 3

Similar prices can be achieved for the packaging for all manner of highly desirable products, especially games consoles, phones, laptops (Macs), tablets and gadgets. Prices can vary and if you’re selling the packaging of an older model it might not fetch as much as the packaging for a newer one.

If you’re lucky enough to have the packaging for very expensive luxury products, the potential earnings are even more. As you can see below, the Patek Phillipe watch box was sold on eBay UK for £246 / $380 – more than most people pay for the average watch, let alone the box to put it in.

empty boxes

This Tiffany & Co. engagement ring box below was sold for £122

empty boxes 2

If you have boxes for brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Cartier, Mulberry, Rolex, etc then there is potential to make a great deal of money. As are boxes for collectables, particularly for things like vintage toys.

To make most money out of old product packaging boxes, they need to be:

  1. for highly desirable products
  2. in good condition
  3. sold in the run-up to Christmas, when demand is greater than availability and prices rocket.
  4. sold internationally – if the product is difficult to get in certain countries, some people will pay a premuim for the packaging.

So, if you want to make Christmas a little more profitable, dig out those old boxes, dust them down and get them on eBay towards early November. To see what prices you could get for your boxes, search for “Empty [Name of product] box” then when the results are shown, click on “Advanced” (top left of the eBay page) and then check the “Sold Items” box in the Advanced section before clicking “Search” again. This will show you what prices they are currently fetching. Visit eBay now and have a look.

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