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Learn how to make money writing onlineWriting to make money is not as difficult as many people think. Okay, so not everyone is going to be a JK Rowling or a Stephen King – but you don’t have to write a best seller to make money writing.

The opportunities online for making money, however, are quite large. For example, large blogs that have hundreds of thousands of visitors a month have no way of satisfying their readers’ craving for more through the work of a single person or even a small team of writers. Instead they get other people to write guest articles for their blogs and pay them for it – for a 500 word blog article you could earn up to $30 as a beginner, and once your reputation grows, you could earn substantially more!

They even pay people to write comments on their blogs to give new readers the impression that they have lots of visitors and are popular!

Now, whilst keeping up a blog, full time, might not be your thing, writing the odd 500 word article here and there or adding the odd comment on someone else’s blog might be much more appealing.

There are lots of other jobs you can do including: proof reading, writing reviews of restaurants, holidays or films, sending emails and writing press releases. Creating an online presence is an absolute must for large companies and many of them outsource much of their work. You can even get paid to tweet!

So, how do you get in on the act? Firstly, of course, you need to:

  • have a good grasp of basic English
  • be able to write fairly clearly
  • be able to punctuate well
  • have your own opinions

The next thing you need to do is register with one of the companies that are hiring writers. One such company is ‘Real Writing Jobs’. Another way to find these jobs is to join which offers a database of jobs which you can sign up to do. A similar site is Legit Writing Jobs.

If you think you can make money writing why not give it a go. Besides getting paid, getting published is also something to be really proud about.

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