Massively improve your eBay photography with a cheap lightbox

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You don’t have to be told how a bad product photograph can leave your eBay sale dead in the water.  Potential purchasers are just not going to click through and look at your item no matter how good it is. What’s worse, the time, effort and money you’ve invested in getting the item listed is going to be wasted. Even reasonable photographs that do not have that professional touch can lead to lower bids and what could have sold for a good price goes for much less.

One way to help you make your ebay photography look much more professional is to invest a little income in a shoot tent or lightbox. These relatively inexpensive pieces of photography equipment can have an impressive effect on the quality of your images.

Not using a lightbox

Here are two photographs I took of some jewelry I sold a while back. The first is taken without using a lightbox and was shot on a windowsill. As you can see, even with natural lighting the image is dark and dreary and the product looks drab. Its colours are not clear and consequently there was no way I would have used it.

Using Lightbox


The second image was taken using a light box. Okay so I’ve cropped it and zoomed in, but you can still see the difference in the colour and sharpness. It looks a lot more professional and led to a quick sale. Not bad for an item I bought as part of a job lot of jewelry for next to nothing and sold as individual pieces.

So what is a light tent. Basically, its a box that allows you do shine bright lights on items but spreads the light evenly to stop glare and reduce shadow. It makes white backgrounds very white or other backgrounds look clean and sharp. As a result your products jump out of the picture. All you need is the box and the lights and you are ready to go.

As for price? You’ll be surprised. You can pick them up for around £30 or $30 dollars. I made the money back on mine many times over within the first few months.

Here’s what a lightbox or shoot tent looks like. They usually come with the lights for the price quoted above. What’s really good if you are selling on eBay from home is that after you have used it, you can pack it away.

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