Why All Start-Ups Should Have A CSR Committee

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Corporate Social ResponsibilityWhen you are setting up your own business there is obviously a lot to think about, and setting up a corporate social responsibility group may not be at the forefront of your mind, but it should be.

A recent study by the UK Small Business Consortium showed that 88% of consumers were more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities to improve society.

Here at www.expertmarket.co.uk, an SME in North London, we have a very active CSR committee and run charity bake sales, collect goods for the local food bank and run volunteer days at nearby venues.

What we’ve found is that, not only is it great to give something back, but it also helps team building and staff morale.

And of course the happier your employees are, the harder they are likely to work for you and you employee retention levels increase.

A spokesperson said: “Having a CSR committee in the workplace is great, whether you have a team of two or a team of a hundred. Throwing together ideas to raise money or help a charity allows your staff to use their skills in different ways or indeed develop new skills, for example: project management or dealing with finance.

“Not just this, but it also helps communication within the staff force. Of course, there is always that great feeling you get as well when you know you have all worked hard together to help somebody else.”

Of course, CSR has more benefits for Start-Ups and SMEs than just helping their chosen causes. It can also be great PR, especially if you raise money or awareness through a novel way, for example dressing up.

Having an active CSR committee also can differentiate you from your competitors: driving new business and enhancing relationships you already have with customers and clients.

The spokesperson continued: “Obviously CSR is important for helping others, but it can also give you a commercial edge, which is obviously desirable for any SME.”

Author Bio: Lima Curtis

Lima Curtis writes for various sites including The Independent, Business Zone and expertmarket.co.uk. Follow her at Twitter

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