Tesla Model S is 1 Step Away with TemplateMonster’s Social Stock

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Yes, you heard it right. The world’s known developer of the top-notch website templates for different niches and of various types provides you with a unique opportunity to get Tesla Model S, Harley-Davidson Street, last-generation Apple devices and other prizes of your dreams with a minimum of effort. All this is possible thanks the Social Stock contest with TemplateMonster, which will be running through the entire year 2016.


social stock tesla

Social Stock is intended to help web users get their online business started much faster and at a lower cost. The campaign is all about providing the users with a 10% discount on any theme from TemplateMonster’s gallery. The number of participants who can enroll in the competition is not limited. Once you get registered, you will be sent an email with your unique promo-code, as well as login details. The promo-code that you get can be shared with your friends, the friends of your friends, your followers and just accidental visitors to your social media profile. The number of times that your friends can use the promo-code is not limited. In fact, the more times it is applied, the bigger chances to win your dream prize you will get.

On top of that, TemplateMonster took care of releasing you from the necessity to think about the text, memes, demotivators and even the way to send the promo-code to all of your friends. A gallery of memes and even ready-made Gmail letters will be also available to you right after the registration. All well-written and easy-to-follow, they are composed to make your friends get interested in the offer and see the real value of applying the promo-code. A set of social media banners accompanied by the text including some quick rules on how to use the promo-come will be attached as well. The only thing that is left for you to do is to replace the default promo-code with the one that you will receive after the registration,


template monster


Here comes the most interesting part. As we’ve already mentioned earlier in this post, the prize(s) that you will get is directly related to the amount of times that your promo-code will be used. Below we offer for your consideration the full list of prizes that you may expect to win.

• For 10 uses of your promo-code you can get $100 on your PayPal account

• After 20 sales you will get Pebble smartwatch

• For 50 sales you will get iPad Mini 2

• To win iPhone 6 you will need to have your promo-code used for 100 times

• 250 sales will make you a Canon EOS 6D owner

• For 500 promo-code usages you will be granted with Macbook Pro

• 1,000 usages will make you a happy owner of Harley-Davidson Street

• 10,000 sales mean that you will win Tesla Model S.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic?! One more thing that we should mention here is that you are the only one to decide when and what kind of prize you would like to get. For example, as soon as your promo-code is used for 30 times, you can decide if you’d like to receive two different prizes for 10 and 20 points or you would like to wait till the general sum of your points reached 50 or more in order to get a more precious prize.

How can you know when you have enough points to be rewarded? Everything will be automatically calculated and shown in your Social Stock account. Apposite to each of the aforementioned items, there will be a button showing if you have collected enough points to get a certain prize. When the button turns green, it means that you can already grab your reward. After choosing any of the prizes, the counter will automatically withhold the number of points that equal that prize and show you the remaining sum. After that, you can keep on playing.



Terms and conditions in brief

As you can see, it requires only minimum effort from your side in order to get such valuables prizes as the last-generation smartphone, a powerful laptop, a motorcycle or even a car. All of your actions will include three easy steps:


• Checking out your email inbox for your unique promo-code;

• And sharing the promo-code among your friends in social media or via an email (texts, banners, memes and other stuff are at your disposal).

As you can see, everything is as easy as one, two, three. While spending a few minutes a day while spreading the word about the 10% promo-code among your friends you increase your chances of gaining the prize of your dreams. The offer is valid till December 31st, 2016, so you still have plenty of time to win big and let your friends save get any of TemplateMonster’s premium themes at a 10% discount. Go ahead, get registered in the contest and kill two birds with one stone!

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