Tips to Making Your Business Go Green

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tips to make business green 

In 2017, there is no excuse for your company to avoid taking an environmentally friendly business policy. Not only is this healthy for your business, but it is also quite cost-effective. Going green means using fewer resources, which is bound to cost less. It also means organizing your business in a more natural manner, which gives great long-term results. Now, that we settled how beneficial going green can be for the future of your business, here are some tips on how you can make it happen.

Frugal Energy Policy

Let’s not kid ourselves, a modern office cannot function without a plethora of power-hungry appliances. Numerous computers, fax machines, printers and even a powerful illumination system are just some of the things you need to keep an eye out on. The way in which you can save energy through them is quite straightforward. Educate everyone in your employ about the ways in which they can save power. When there is no one in the conference room, there is no need for the light to be on. As soon as you end with the meeting, turn off the projector. Most importantly, make sure that all devices are turned off before you head out home.

Careful Supplies Management

Another great problem many companies face is the amount of litter that they produce. There is an interesting stat that an average office worker prints over 10,000 pages per year. This alone can be quite an alarming. Luckily, there are several ways to deal with this. First, you can always try printing double-sided instead of one sided. This way, you literally cut your paper consumption in half. Another way would be to go with recycled paper. With the modern recycling technology, you can hardly even tell the difference anymore. It goes without saying that paper is not the only thing these rules apply to.

Encourage Greener Commute

One of the most efficient ways in which SMBs and major corporations alike fight the pollution is by encouraging their employees to take up a greener means of commute. Carpooling is an efficient way of doing so and you can even organize carpooling groups amongst people living in the same neighborhood. Other ideas are using public transportation or taking up one or two even healthier methods. Those living in the vicinity can always walk or cycle to work which is both great for their health and the environment. For this reason, alone, most companies are inclined towards hiring someone living near their premises.

Doing Business Cost Effectively

As we already mentioned, operational costs are something that every business has to pay. Still, what makes a business truly eco-friendly is finding a way to spend as little resources as possible in the process. In most cases, this includes consulting experts who can help you find a way. Those working in the telecommunication, mining, land development or energy and resources industry can look to geotechnical engineering for a solution. Through this kind of professional advice, they can learn how to run their business with greater cost-efficiency and this way, do a favor not only to our planet but to their company’s productivity as well.

While some believe that in order to help out the planet you need to go out of your way, in most cases it is completely the opposite. In nine out of ten situations, what is good for the Mother Earth coincides with what is good for your budget as well. This means that going green with your business usually means having your cake and eating it, too.


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