The Truth About Neil Patel

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The ubiquitous Neil Patel. If you run any kind of online business these days, he’s pretty hard to miss, what with Quicksprout, CrazyEgg, HelloBar, KISSmetrics and, of course, But I’m not complaining, far from it, because for me, Neil Patel is to online marketers what Siri is to the iPhone user – the quiet friend who can answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Let me give you an example.

When looking for ideas on how to improve a new blog that wasn’t performing too well, I did the usual and began researching the websites of ‘blogging experts’ and their tried and tested formulas of how to succeed. That success didn’t translate to my business.

A $100,000 a month roadmap

Then, just around the same time, one of Neil’s emails arrived. He was going to start a new business, from scratch, and generate $100,000 a month from it in less than a year – and he was going to show us how it was done.

What really struck me about this was that I got to watch this happen in real time. It wasn’t someone telling me what they had done, Neil was saying – hey watch me do it and learn with me. He even let his readers decide what kind of business it was – a nutrition blog.

Needless to say, we got monthly updates on the process and these not only showed us what things worked but also showed us the things which didn’t.  We learned from the mistakes too. As a marketer who makes lots of mistakes myself, it’s reassuring when acknowledged experts, like Neil, also admit when things do not go quite to plan.

Over the course of the year, we saw Neil’s nutrition blog grow to meet its target of making $100,000 a month. We saw exactly how he did it and we have his blog posts to use as a step by step guide if we want to do it ourselves.

But we’re hardly scratching the surface here

These were just a dozen or so blog posts. Neil puts out several posts a week through his various channels and all of them offer insightful ideas on how to improve your online business. Each post is like another piece in the jigsaw that gives the big picture about how to succeed online.

If that’s not enough, you should take a look at the Quicksprout University, where Neil, along with Brian Dean, has put together an enormous amount of information about SEO, content marketing, social media, and various other topics – both in easy to watch video format and in written transcripts.

This has been seriously helpful stuff. I’ve used it. It works. And it’s FREE.

Check out Neil Patel’s tool box

And then there are the really useful tools. Over at, you get the brilliant SEO analyzer, a great tool that analyzes your website and provides a detailed report on how well your site is optimized. You can even download a pdf for later use and then use Neil’s SEO tips to make the necessary improvements.

Another tool is HelloBar, a simple but highly effective opt-in form for websites. It’s brilliant for increasing email sign-ups and conversions. And guess what? Yep, it’s free.

If you are looking for more advanced tools, then there is Crazy Egg, which analyses how users interact with your website so you get a clear picture of the content that works and the content that doesn’t engage. Or alternatively, KISSmetrics which offers superb customer intelligence and web analytics designed to optimize your marketing.

Of course, if you read Neil’s post, you’ll find he’ll point you in the direction of hundreds of other useful tools to help you improve your online business.

Mind blowing webinars

I thought I had online sales techniques nailed – I hadn’t.

In just one recent webinar, Neil showed me a five-stage sales funnel process that completely changed the way I thought about selling online. It was one of those moments when something clicks. It was so good, I began implementing it on one of my websites straight away. It took me a couple of weeks to put all the parts together, and although there’s still a few tweaks I need to make, it’s already begun to work. Once I’m satisfied I’ve got it right, I’ll be doing this on all my sites.

And this was just one of the regular webinars that Neil invites me to attend.

So, why am I promoting Neil Patel?

Not for money. He doesn’t have an affiliate program and I don’t make a cent from saying all this. I’m not promoting him to make him look good either, if President Obama and the House of Representatives have recognized his achievements, my little blog post isn’t going to make much difference.

I’m actually promoting him for you. My readers. Because I think those of you who run online businesses and need help with your marketing can learn some amazing things from reading his blogs, visiting his websites, using his tools, listening to his webinars and going on his courses.

There’s a lot to learn and Neil Patel is a great teacher. Go discover at

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