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Advanced video analytics

If you are a small company wanting to make a big impact, then learning how to make marketing videos that sell could be the key to reaching a wider audience.

Recent figures show that companies who create marketing videos for their products and services are 150% more likely to sell. This is why video marketing has become an essential tool for the internet marketer – you can show your customers how good your product is rather than telling them and have it posted on your own site, Youtube and on your social media pages where it can then be shared by others.

Until now is has been difficult and expensive to create marketing videos. To be able to embed links and sign up forms, make it suitable for a variety of different mobile devices and be able to track its success with up to the minute statistics has been a major obstacle for internet markers. Only larger companies had the resources and the expertise to do this.

The team at Easy Video Suite realised there was a significant need for a video suite that would enable smaller businesses and individuals to compete. The Easy Video Suite combines all the tools and resources you need to make compelling sales videos in a single program. Take a look at the video below and see what this software can do.

Easy Video Suite


Easy Video Suite Features


Make money with videos

As you can see from the video and the features list, the Easy Video Suite is an exceptional tool. We like the fact that it’s not merely for creating videos, but that it can be used to generate leads, build email lists and allow customers to click through. And it’s ability to track how well your videos are doing make this a really sophisticated piece of software.

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