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Find Wholesale designer handbags for selling onlineHandbags sell better than hotcakes on eBay and I’ve been making a steady income out of them for several years. It didn’t take me very long to realize that selling designer handbags was where the real profits were and that finding wholesale designer handbags was the key to long-term success.

How I got started

My first foray into handbags was with a specific brand of used handbag, which with some professional looking product photography and well-written listings I could buy on eBay and resell for three or four times the price within a week. Sometimes, I could sell used ones for more money than others were selling brand new ones with tags.

The only problem was that I soon finding it difficult to get enough used bags to sell, especially as others had also begun to target the niche and we were all competing for the same items.

Problems with finding designer bags

Eventually, it was time to begin selling new designer handbags on eBay. And this is where the sticking point came for me. Anyone can buy a second hand Mulberry and resell it, however, trying to find wholesale designer handbags for eBay was, at first, virtually impossible. Most designer brands like selling through high-class outlets, department stores and fashion boutiques, not on eBay.

Finding wholesale designer handbags

However, after weeks of going round in circles on the internet, I stumbled upon two brilliant sources: Salehoo and WholesalePages. The thing I liked about them was that they were set up specifically to let wholesalers sell to internet sellers – so the wholesalers on there were actually looking for people like me to buy their goods and sell them on eBay. This was completely different to trying to contact many of the manufacturers or wholesalers who only deal with physical stores.

Wholesalers you can trust

Another advantage which appealed was that only trusted or verified wholesalers are allowed to advertise on them. Although, I’d never had the misfortune to have dealings with unscrupulous wholesalers, my search on forums soon told me that there were quite a few people who’d tried importing wholesale products, especially from certain countries, only to find out that once they had paid their money the products never showed up.

Lots of wholesalers

Wholesalers and Dropshippers DirectoryThe final reason was quite simply the staggering number of wholesalers and products that you can source. We are talking tens of thousands of wholesalers and millions of products. If you can’t find what you are looking for here then it’s probably time to give up. The offers can also be quite lucrative too, especially at sales times.  I’d found my sales niches and stick to them but, at times, I’ve been more than tempted by some of the deals on offer in other areas.


If you are looking at finding designer handbags to sell on eBay I would suggest that you use Salehoo and WholesalePages as a starting point. It will certainly save you endless months of searching online and in the Yellow pages only to find that because your shop is not a boutique on a high street, that you won’t get an account.

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